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Here at Enjoy The Drive, we specialize in one thing... Great Car Audio Systems

This is where we are different to all of our competitors with our main focus on audio that actually works as a system, if you are on a reasonable budget or wanting a no compromise state of the art system.

With over 500 trophies for sound quality and installation we can achieve anything from full competition standard to every day pleasure.

Not Just Great In Car Audio

Reversing Sensors

Reversing Sensors

Even the best drivers make mistakes, a low bollard in a car park is all it takes to put a dent in your price and joy, your pride and of course your wallet.

Our parking sensors which are colour coded to match perfectly with your car will give you an warning of obsticles when reversing.

We can also install reversing camera kits to give you a clear view of the road behind.

Hands Free Kits

Mobile Hands-Free Kits

Never miss a phone call because you're driving again with a hands free kit. We specialise in hands free kits from Parrot and Bury.

Getting a mobile hands-free kit in your car has obvious safety and legal advantages.

With many options you can choose from a full featured kit with a screen and apps or just a descrete button to allow you to answer a call.

You'll never have to get your phone out of your pocket or bag while you're in the car again.

Vehicle Tracking

Cobra Vehicle Tracking

We supply and fit tracking systems in vehicles which will allow you to know exactly where your vehicle is at all times, and we're experts in hiding them!

Tracking For Security: You've a much better chance of your car being recovered if stolen if it's got a tracking device

Fleet Tracking: If your fleet is tracked, you not only know where all your vehicles are, but where they have been and how fast they've been driven, potentially saving you fuel and brand reputation.


Audio Upgrades

From a new head unit, to speaker upgrades or the addition of a subwoofer, there are always ways in which to improve your factory fitted sound system.

Enjoy The Drive can not only install these components for you, we can help you select the components which will allow you to get the best improvement for your money based on the strengths and weaknesses of the factory sound system.

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Full Installs

If you want an award winning car audio install with lighting, motorisation and all the trimmings or simply an oem looking install to protect your hi-fi components while keeping somewhere to put your shopping there's a solution for you.

Enjoy The Drive specialises in fabricating unique and custom car audio builds, our builds not only look great to the eye, they also stand the wear and tear of being driven around day in, day out.

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The most overlooked part of getting a great audio system, and one of the most challenging. Anyone can make a great set of car hi fi components sound bad.

Enjoy The Drive offers a full car audio tuning service, with Mark Turners outstanding record of tuning winning competition vehicles in the UK and Europe we can get the best out of your after market hi-fi system.

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